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Dr Bjorn Burgher — Psychiatrist

I am a passionate psychiatrist and clinician-researcher,
bringing evidence-based medicine and research translation to the clinic.


Dr Bjorn Burgher

Medical Director, Queensland Neurostimulation Centre
Psychiatrist, Neurosciences Queensland

MBBS James Cook University 2007
RANZCP Fellowship 2018

Dr Bjorn Burgher worked for 5 years in an Early Psychosis Clinic, and this work with young adults experiencing first onset of severe mental illness has shaped his clinical and research passions.

Dr Burgher is currently undertaking a PhD in Neuroimaging and Computational Psychiatry, publishing papers on cognitive development after the onset of psychotic disorders and their impact on functional recovery in young adults.

Bjorn has a clinical research interest in transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), particularly for its indication in treatment-resistant depression.

Dr Burgher is a clinical trial investigator for the use of TMS as a therapy for obsessive-compulsive disorder, and is the Medical Director of Queensland Neurostimulation Centre, delivering TMS for depression in Brisbane.

Clinical Interests

My research informs my clinical approach. My passion is to bring evidence based medicine and research translation to the clinic.

Dr Bjorn Burgher is a general adult psychiatrist with a clinical interest in:

Early Psychosis Disorders

Mood Disorders



Dr Bjorn Burgher is open for general adult psychiatrist referral in Brisbane

Refer through Neurosciences Queensland

TMS for Depression in Brisbane

In 2021 Dr Bjorn Burgher and neuroscientist A/Prof. Luca Cocchi established Queensland Neurostimulation Centre.

Queensland Neurostimulation Centre delivers TMS for depression in Brisbane, Queensland, providing personalised, science-driven mental health care.

Queensland Neurostimulation Centre is a team of passionate neuroscience researchers and experienced mental health clinicians, collaborating to combine innovative research with personalised mental health treatments to deliver precision medicine.

Queensland Neurostimulation Centre is based in the offices of Neurosciences Queensland in Brisbane CBD, and is open for referral.


Dr Bjorn Burgher is available for referral for general psychiatry as well as for TMS for depression in Brisbane.

General Adult Psychiatrist Brisbane

Neurosciences Queensland
Level 1, St Andrews Place
33 North Street
Spring Hill QLD 4000

07 3839 3688

TMS for Depression Brisbane

Queensland Neurostimulation Centre
Level 1, St Andrews Place
33 North Street
Spring Hill QLD 4000

07 3839 3688
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